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Reinvention Guide
A guide to help you reflect and refocus

With a new year beginning, it's easy to get overwhelmed as we lead up to the calendar magically turning from December 31 to January 1.


As you begin to focus in on 2024, take a moment to reflect. By taking a few moments to think deeply on your current life situations and where you’re headed in your future, you can be sure your heart will be aligned with your actions. Grab your journal and dream again as you record your thoughts and answer the questions in our FREE Reinvention Guide.


Focus in on these quotes as you start the new year:


“Before you hustle, thank God for His muscle.”




"A mind-blowing singular breakthrough is not usually what changes your life. A microshift is.” - Brianna Wiest


God is working on your behalf as you lead up to a new year! Enjoy these moments with Him and with your family and friends.

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