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What if someone told you that you could
accomplish anything you set your mind to in 2022?

What would you do? Would you start a business, go on that trip you have been talking about for years, go back to school?

Let’s try to think back to exactly who told you that you could not do this? Were they someone you know and love? A teacher, coach or friend? Or could it be that somewhere down the road it was probably you who convinced yourself that it just wasn’t in you?

No matter who, what, when or where, it doesn’t matter anymore. If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s that our time is now. We might not get another day to do what’s in and on our hearts.


You are unstoppable.
You just don’t know it yet.
Partner with one of our Brand New U coaches this year to learn more about all you were created to be, do, and have.
Go for it!

It's time to embrace the realm of possibilities,
to open up ourselves to new perspective, to take courage and go for it.



Partnership of the Month

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Lisa Williams, Simplicity Professional Organizing
Don't just Spring clean your home, Spring clean your STUFF!

As we are enjoying the beautiful weather, the warm sun and cool breeze we are compelled to throw open the windows and dust off the cobwebs of the previous season.  Scrubbing, dusting and sweeping are top of mind, but many of us are inundated with stuff filling our homes and in the way of true progress.


Sometimes our stuff overwhelms us into doing nothing. “Clutter can make us feel stressed, anxious and depressed,” said Dr. Libby Sander, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at Bond University, Australia, and the author of multiple studies on harmful effects of clutter. Her studies include how relationships are impacted by a disorganized environment. Also noted, connections between depression and disorganization, links between disorganization and poor diet, and lack of clarity or retention of information. “Our brains like order, and constant visual reminders of disorganization drains our cognitive resources,” Sander said.

A disorganized home creates a lack of motivation, which in turn creates a disorganized home and this becomes a vicious cycle.  I have seen it over and over again but there is hope!  Here are a few simple tips to begin your decluttering and on the road to an organized home.



Start with the end in mind… create steps to helps you reach your goal. Setting a goal enables you to keep track of your progress and remain encouraged as you see results.

Small wins

Everyone likes to win! Start with a small goal of organizing a sock drawer or your kitchen utensils.  Begin with a category you can complete in a relatively short amount of time.  As you admire your completed task you will feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.



No excuses. Make an appointment with YOU! Schedule your next and hopefully bigger task on your calendar. Make sure you have trash bags ready and recycle bin empty, storage containers purchased if needed, room in your car for donations and a location where you can drop them off.


Let it go

Getting rid of more than we need is one of our main goals.  If you are not using an item often, do you really need to keep it? If it is not serving a purpose in your household, can you do without? If it is sentimental, can you take a photo of the item to preserve the memory in a different way? 


Give it away

Not everything we are no longer using needs to be thrown away.  Do you have a family member who would appreciate some of your items?  If so, contact them to discuss getting it to them and out of your house as quickly as possible.  Does our community have a donation drop-off location or pick-up capabilities for large items?  Does your church have a ministry that helps others? Allowing someone else to enjoy your items always makes us feel better about passing them along rather than tossing in the trash.


…A quick note on selling

Selling larger ticket items can be worth it IF you have the time to research the best avenue for your particular items and competitive pricing.  And don’t forget your safety when it comes to selling items using online platforms.



Designate a new “home” for everything we own. Make sure others in your home understand where these “homes” are and “instead of putting it down, put it away”.  Be sure to measure your spaces before making any new storage purchases. Use storage containers if needed and take the time to label them for easy access. 

It might be a big job organizing your home, but the benefits always outweigh the efforts. It feels emotionally liberating and has tremendous health benefits.

To learn more about
Lisa and how Simplicity Professional Organizing can serve in your life visit her website at Simplicity Professional Organizing (