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LeTesha  Wheeler, 

Territory Manager, Safeco Insurance

"I am so happy as I feel FOCUSED now!!! I had too many loose ideas before and no direction!!"

Karen Rector, 

Rodan + Fields

RFX Circle Achiever 

“Since I was a little girl, I have always looked up to her and wanted to be just. like. her. As I’ve watched her professional career, she’s been nothing short of inspirational and someone I look to emulate. She’s one of the most intentional people I know, has a passion for others, and is brilliant in business. Linking arms with her today… well, it gives me goosebumps!”

Julie Ziglar  Norman

Speaker & Author 

Growing up Ziglar

“We’re proud to have a BearHunter like Jill Hellwig as a part of our team. She can help you slay your problems.”

Karla Nunn

Oasis Ology

 “My performance and my quality of life has significantly improved because of Brand New U Coaching and the investment I made in myself.  Jill’s unconventional thinking and plans of action, coupled with holding me accountable have activated me into reinvention. 

Emmy Avila

Author, 7 Pillars of Marriage

"I was able to achieve my goal and release my first book by following the plan we made  during my time with Brand New U Coaching. Any time I got a little discouraged I went back to my notes and got myself back at the desk writing! 

Thank you Brand New U!"

Gail   McWilliams, 

Renowned Speaker, Author, & Radio Host 1956-2016

“Dear Jill, You are helping so many. Your morning pep talks are addictive and I look forward to your notes now every morning. You challenge me to reach and to focus on celebration of accomplished goals. Thanks for having the courage to challenge me.”

Patti  Dolan,

Young Living

“The time I have spent with Jill has been invaluable. By bringing out my strengths and delving into them, I feel much greater empowerment. She has truly been a blessing to me!”

Davina Clemmons,

Founder, Inspired

“I learned a lot about myself, which helped a lot of things come together for me and the direction I needed to go.” 

Jen Shulak,

Pink Light Images

“Jill’s 1:1 coaching and classes have helped me in ALL the dimensions of my life and business.  She speaks the language that stirs me up, moves me to action and helps me find the BEST in myself!  I have grown leaps and bounds with her confidence building exercises and the simple system she walks you through to get your business catered to your life and what your vision is.“

Julie Madina,

Junior League Volunteer

“Our time together really helped me to sort out my thoughts and put them into words, It truly helped understand myself a bit more. I especially love being able see and read them back. There is something powerful about the writing them down then proclaiming over yourself. 

I too am excited to see, do and go where God's plan will lead me to realize my God given limitless potential! “

Anthany  Arosarena, 

I Have a Name Campaign

“I was often trapped in the fear of "this is too big for me to do." Jill shows me how to keep moving, even when it is a scary and less traveled road. Since her mentoring and coaching, my dreams have turned into tangible goals for my business, ministry/non-profit and even, in my personal life."

Sondra Cover,

Texas Commercial Insurance

“Jill helped us analyze trends in our company so we could work together more productively and create action plans to develop each team member individually.”

David  Wright,

Paradigm Performance Group 

“Jill is a great coach who listens well and puts the puzzle pieces together to help formulate and create the perfect brand messaging for increased revenue and sales.” 

Charles Butler,

Covenant Church Fox Valley

“I am better able to articulate my brand.”

Suzanne James,

Paradigm Performance Group 

“During our time together, I became the number one Account Executive in my region and second company wide. Jill provided the affirmation I needed to continue what I was already doing but then also help sharpen the skills I wasn’t utilizing. She is helping me walk out what has deposited into me for others by focusing on my innate talents and strengths.”

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