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We provide problem-solving solutions for the world's best businesses and organizations.
Why Consulting?

For more than 20 years companies and organizations have relied on our strategic and tactical problem solving abilities to help improve performance, elevate confidence and drive productivity. 


Whether your business or organization is a nation-wide enterprise or just starting out, our wisdom and insight can help take your business to the next level. Through our unique process, we will help you analyze your company, activate the strengths of you and your team, and create a plan that will help accelerate your growth. 


The time has come. Your team needs to transform. Turnover may be high or revenues too low. Morale may need to improve or work flow made more efficient. Your culture needs a shift, but you are not exactly sure how to make it happen.


Our consulting has helped companies and individuals realize more profit, more unity and more mission clarity. We take the time to fully understand and assess what is going on in your organization so change can be made. We use a proprietary consulting methodology, taught originally to our founder in her time with Zig Ziglar that has been successful at problem solving in some of America’s largest corporations, government agencies and small businesses.


More than a dry corporate partnership, our consulting gets to the heart of the issue to diagnose what is really going on in your organization, so it can become the healthy and thriving place you desire. The benefit to you is unified teams, working toward common goals, producing outstanding results. 


Susan Bilic,

Bilic & Associates

“Jill has a knack for making people feel comfortable and important. She finds ways to build them and help them realize their full potential. She has a very high energy level and enthusiasm which is contagious.”

Krish Dhanam, 

Krish Dhanam Intl.

“Jill's success in sales is legendary, but it is her prowess as an author and communicator that is, in my mind, her most endearing quality. Her approach for every encounter seems to be tailor-made and her effort for every audience seems to be perfectly orchestrated.”

Colonel  Greg Chaney,

Chief of Staff,
Texas Army National Guard

“Jill is a key member of the Texas Army National Guard recruiting team and critical to our mission success. It’s not a coincidence that we have met all accessions goals since partnering with Jill and Ziglar.”



When you seek the services of Brand New U coaching, you can expect: 
To be listened to.
To be inspired.
To be encouraged and empowered to find ways to meet your goals.
To participate in the process of developing strategies and working on solutions.
To try new options and possibly new behaviors.
An accountability partner to help you fulfill commitments as you work toward your goals.
We want to help you identify and achieve your goals! Our coaches have the step-by-step plan for you. 
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