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Cristin Parker BNU Certified Coach


Cristin Parker has a passion to help families thrive by understanding the unique identity of their most important team, the family.  As a visionary, she brings hope to difficult situations by seeing a better future.  As a problem solver, she is gifted at connecting the dots and sees opportunities in the midst of challenges.  Instinctively she is able to make ideas, processes and relationships simpler to understand.  Merging her background in business consulting, experience with families and a deep desire for connecting the generations, she is committed to re-establishing family at the center of culture.  Naturally, she enjoys people, puzzles, and planning meaningful occasions.  In her free time, you are likely to find Cristin reading a book or attending a class where she is learning new things to share with the world.  Cristin has embraced the process of Brand New U Coaching personally as she has built her coaching practice and now she joins our team as we seek to enrich families, utilizing Cristin’s expertise and the Brand New U framework to take out the guesswork of succeeding as a home team!

Cristin has worked closely as a Change Management Consultant with organizations such as Perot Systems, Lutheran Brotherhood, Immigration and Naturalization department of the UK, TXU Energy, Salvation Army, and Nardos Designs.  She has a degree in Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University.  Cristin has additional training in sponsorship, communications and change management.  She is a certified consultant for Personality ID and Career Direct Assessments.  Cristin is on the board of non-profit organizations Council for Life, Time to Revive, and Sentinel Group.  She is the founder of The Urban Leadership Institute - a youth leadership program.

If you have any questions about realizing and activating your family's unique identity, she’s the person to ask!

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