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Invite a Brand New U Coach to inspire and train your group or team!
These simple how-to programs combine our years of coaching and business expertise to bring best practices and easy-to-implement principles for you and your team:

Leading with Intention – Too often, leaders manage or lead from their own perspective, not knowing how to identify and effectively communicate vision to their team. Learn how to lead with confidence, purpose, and intention as you create a winning culture on your team.  

Breaking Barriers – In this inspiring and engaging workshop, your team will learn to transform your perspective of obstacles in order to help them see the opportunity in the midst of challenge. The result is a versatile mindset that generates growth and produces hope for all contributors who are undergoing change.    
Engage for Success – Nearly 7 in 10 employees in America are either disengaged or actively disengaged in their work. What is the cure for this kind of “zombie-like” culture? In this course we’ll develop the leadership and cultural principles which drive success, deliver productivity, and create understanding and connection between all levels on your team. 

Any of these programs can be adjusted to fit your business, ministry, non-profit organization or personal life. 

Any of these programs can be adjusted to fit your business, ministry, non-profit organization or personal life. 

CLICK HERE for a full list of trainings offered.

Ministry and Women’s Events - CLICK HERE for the Speaker One Sheet


Priscilla Shirer,

Best Selling Author, Fervent
Bible Teacher, Actress

“I do not know of a woman more capable and passionate about empowering God’s daughters than Jill. She is not only a dedicated disciple of Christ but an engaging leader. Her ministry is making an indelible imprint on the lives of women as they are encouraged to walk in a manner worthy of their calling.”

Debbie Gamble, 

Women’s Ministry & Co-Lead Pastor
Radiant Life Church

"Jill's message has had such a positive and powerful impact on all of us. It is amazing the hindrances we experience when we don’t understand who God has made us to be. Your presentation mixed with a prophetic anointing was incredible. What a combo! I can hardly wait to see what God will do next!"

Alex Rodriguez,

North American Utility Partners

“Jill ignited a vision among our team that kept us going and reaching higher all year long. Her message was truly a turning point in our sales.”

Interested in having Jill speak at your next event? 

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Thank you for your interest in Jill speaking at your event. You'll hear back from our team soon!

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