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Jessica Lepsch BNU Certified Coach


Jess is an enthusiastic encourager who always looks for ways to maximize those around her.  She has the unique gift of drawing out the best in others and helping them utilize their strengths to walk in their God-given purpose.


She is a wife of over 20 years and mom of 2 independent-thinking teenage boys.  With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, a bachelor’s degree in career education, 16 years of parenting and 11 years of homeschooling, she has discovered some of the best ways to navigate change through the various seasons of life.  She is absolutely passionate about helping others confidently navigate those seasons of change in their own lives, and her coaching specializes in just that.  If you’re thinking “what’s next?,” her coaching is for you.


Entering a new season of life can be unsettling and can leave you with a feeling of uncertainty, or a feeling of “limbo.”  Whether you’re entering a new season of life and wanting to set some personal or professional goals, starting a new business, or just wondering what’s next, Jess’s background and experiences has allowed her to understand the unique and overwhelming challenges that come with beginning again.  Discovering what’s next can help move you through that change without getting stuck there.  Don’t give up on your dreams!


Everything comes out of identity and purpose.  Do you know both?


There may be so much you’d like to do in this life, or maybe you’re just searching for your purpose.  Either way, Jess can help you put your thoughts into words and your words into goal-oriented action.  It’s not too late!  Your time is now!  Reach out to Jess today, and let her partner with you on your journey to becoming your absolute best self!

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