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"One good mentor can be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade's income." 
– Sean Stephenson


There is so much inside of you and we want to help draw it out. 

Whether your goal is:

activating a new idea

launching a new company

going to a new level in your current business

ending a stalemate

finding new streams of revenue

better articulating your personal brand

focusing on the value you provide

improving a performance

or simply having the time to do more of what you love,  

our coaches bring energy to your project and help you create a plan to achieve your goals!


Brock & Dominque Jones,

Transform Us Movement,

"My husband and I have begun to walk in the "greater" that we envisioned in our session. The restraints have been taken off our minds, so we dare to dream beyond our current situation. Our session helped to forge us as an effective team, and we have enjoyed WAY more peace in our marriage, family, and ministry together. We look forward to more fruitful years!"

Jessica Thompson,

Young Living Essential Oils

I've always felt I have had more potential in me. Going through the Brand New U program opened my eyes to my purpose and strengths. It gave me tools to use on a daily basis to remove the blocks in my path. It was incredible! I'll be able to use Brand New U for life!

Tami Chalhoub,

Senior Director Human Resources, Sysco

I was at a critical time in my life when I began working with Jill as my coach. During our time together she helped me uncover my passion and purpose, and I am in the process of launching my business. I came into her coaching program with only business goals in mind but had no idea what I would accomplish personally - which will only help my business flourish even more! 



When you seek the services of Brand New U coaching, you can expect: 
To be listened to.
To be inspired.
To be encouraged and empowered to find ways to meet your goals.
To participate in the process of developing strategies and working on solutions.
To try new options and possibly new behaviors.
An accountability partner to help you fulfill commitments as you work toward your goals.
We want to help you identify and achieve your goals! Our coaches have the step-by-step plan for you. 
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