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A Brand New U Coach recognizes that what we do is beyond our clients and ourselves. 

Many coaching programs are built around the adage that you have to hustle, project an image, fake it ‘til you make it, hustle and grind…, etc. But this is not the way of Brand New U. We desire to empower the true, most authentic self, and what makes one different from anyone else, given their own individual gifts, strengths and yes, even their weaknesses.  

Brand New U is a specific process to help one gain new perspective and empowerment as they find they do not have to conform to the image of anyone one else, but they must be transformed by renewing their own mind, heart, will and desires.  

The Brand New U Difference

  • Time-tested process - Jill started coaching as a pastor for free in 2012, (the original idea was birthed in 2009), Jill began charging for the program as a business in 2013. Now literally hundreds of people have gone through our process with amazing results (see website for multiple testimonials.) 


  • Credibility of Jill Hellwig as an ambassador for Zig Ziglar and a carrier of his legacy .

  • Credibility of Jill Hellwig’s own multifaceted experience and resume (relatable to multi-potentialities and people across all spectrums and industries).

-    Business and Ministry
-    Personal, Business, and Calling Development
-    Corporate America for 20+ years
-    Top Sales Awards in every job held 
-    Clients in all Industries
-    Framework of success

  • Whole Person: BNU seeks to develop body, mind and spirit, and help our clients achieve their goals in 7 different areas of development: Career, Financial, Family, Physical, Spiritual, Personal, and Mental. This holistic approach benefits our clients in their personal, family and business lives. 

  • Balanced Success: Our program emphasizes both Achievement and Fulfillment.

-    Trying as coaches to get to a line of continuum with achievement on one end of the spectrum and contentment on the other end.
-    We believe in balancing with both goals setting and rhythms of rest.


  • We utilize exceptional Resources and Tools as we put together the puzzle pieces of who our clients are.

-    The Name Book by Dorothy Astoria
-    StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Clifton 
-    Performance Planner by Zig Ziglar 

-    And a host of other recommended books and courses

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