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Leave the past behind...onto NEXT

Next step November is here.

Happy November!! This month I feel Is a combination of our last two months’ themes of Simply September and Obedience October. We’re continuing to keep life simple and to obey in the little things. Just do the next step God is asking you to. Reach for more!! If you haven’t read our blog posts in September and October, you can read them HERE.

It isn’t too late to implement these steps so you will have clarity, peace and abundance.

This isn’t going to be a normal November. The harvest time of acceleration is here and your momentum is snowballing its pace and increasing its velocity. Work from a place of rest and live from a place of joy. Just do the next step every day to follow through on what you set out to do in January 2022.

Remember, you are unstoppable!! Keep moving forward and watch as your goals are coming to fruition!!

Not a normal November!

Next steps

Next space

Next territory

Next expansion

Next relationships

Next blessings

Next you. 🧡

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