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Just January

We are now almost two weeks into the new's it going?

The last several months for me have been about building momentum and continually training my mind to stay focused on just the next thing God has been telling me to do. And I’m not going to lose the peace that gave me just because it’s January and we are entering a new year.

This month I’ve named our theme, “Just January.”

Our theme for the year is “it’s time” and we are going to have plenty of opportunities this year to step out in faith and step up into our greater life calling. We also need to make use of each moment this year, understanding the times and seasons we are in.

For now, let’s simply focus on “just January.” After a busy 2022 and the holiday bustle, January can be a dreary month for some, and it can be a momentous month of new beginnings for others.

Whatever it symbolizes to you, consider taking these next days to enter the new year in a posture of prayer. God is calling us close to Him, to hear his voice and to enter this year in rest.

We will have plenty of time to work on our habits, goals and work in the coming months.

I encourage you to fast, journal and pray daily, spending as much time listening as we do talking to the Lord. As He tells us what to do, we can break down the years’ objectives into quarterly and monthly priorities and then into simple daily steps.

Begin this year with the end in mind. Imagine it is December 31, 2023.

Do you want to earn more this year so you can get out of debt and be ready to help more people? Pray about that!

Set some financial goals and check in each day to assess how you’re doing.

Is it health goals you want to work on? Pray about this too!

Think about getting your pantry cleaned out, your refrigerator stocked, your meal plans made and your accountability partners in place.

But first consider fasting and praying so the plan you choose is the right one that has lasting impact.

Perhaps you’re looking to launch a new idea or start a new job. Pray about this too!

This month, pray for the bigger picture, for your purpose and calling to be utilized in the earth. Our free reinvention guide can help you analyze before you move.

Then, break down your big goals into incremental, daily steps.

I want to encourage you to take my Grow With Goals self-paced course.

Whether you’ve heard this material before or this is your first time, the course will give you the tools you need to listen to your spirit, prepare your heart and then and only then, set goals the right way.

Absorb this information now, while in January, and then you will build momentum for your entire year.

For now, just focus on January.

When we get this first month right, the rest of our year is going to follow.

There is no rush or hustle needed. You are right on time. Don’t allow yourself to get over busy, overwhelmed, meeting obligations that might not be yours to own. Rest in your relationship with your Father first and your most important relationships here on earth next.

If you’re married, take this time to pray for your spouse and kids. Pray for your boss, your pastor, your mentors and your friends.

Let the Lord minister to your spirit before you rush to a list of accomplishments and to dos.

I believe in you and our coaching team is here to help you know what you want, remind you of who you are and help you craft your offers as build your life around better systems.

Our proven results speak for themselves! Join in and engage with our community today!

After all, it’s time and it’s just January!

Commit this time this month and watch as your peace follows the rest of the year.

I believe in you!!!

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