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It’s Time for a Garden Party

I recently attended a sweet dinner with close friends. It was a beautiful spring evening in Texas, and we gathered in an adorable back yard. Our host is from a more luscious part of the country, where they get regular rain.

She has learned from a lot of trial and error how to make a garden work in Texas. It’s a little different because she has had to create fertile beds and a raised garden out of soil she brought in, rather than only using the tough ground in her back yard.

She has created elevated beds full of lavender, herbs and colorful flowers. Knowing we don’t get the same kind of rain she is used to, and how hot our summers can get, she has connected a self-sustaining watering system to a timer that feeds and nourishes her plants every morning at 5 a.m.

In the middle of this beautiful lushness, she has added a welcoming table with placemats and old-fashioned dishes and silverware.

To top off this welcoming atmosphere, she cooked us an organic, spring soup, made with fresh veggies and those precious herbs and paired it with yummy bread, cheese and bon bons for dessert!

As our evening meal turned into nighttime conversation, with twinkling lights strung above us, I reveled and rested in this gift of spring, nourishment and friendship.

Our friend has been investing in her garden and her backyard bliss for years. And we got to be the beneficiaries! Because she invested, thought out, planned and stewarded this space with such care, we were able to relax in a spring night full of joy.

That’s what this time of year is about. What we are investing in right now, is going to blossom in seasons to come.

Spring is a reminder of new life, blooming, resurrection, growth and fascination. Let’s remember the importance of planting our gardens and finding the joy in that labor.

"It's Time to Invest."

I am so excited to invite you to this month's Lunch & Learn on April 16, 2024. Our speaker is Sarah Marshall, of Texans Wealth Management.

With the expertise and care for her clients that has won her Best Business in McKinney for several years running, Sarah will teach us how to build lasting and sustaining wealth, and how to keep more of the money we are working so hard to earn. Your financial health matters and we hope this resource will be a blessing to you.

You are doing great and wonderful things in the world.

I want to encourage you today that just a little investment - in yourself, your business, your family, your home, your marriage, and in the lives of others- is going to yield big results and go a long way toward total life enjoyment.

Like my hospitable friend, let's cultivate the joy of planting a garden, no matter where we are.

Let’s build a garden party for our lives, day by day!


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