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Fake Intake

(An excerpt from When Women Reign)

Women today are bombarded, not only with magazines, but romantic books, movies and television shows that claim to be “Reality TV.” Even helpful programs such as are on HGTV can begin to create pictures in our minds that can become idolatry. How much of our precious time do we spend dreaming of a fantasy world full of unrealistic expectations?

We can disguise it as entertainment, goals setting, or planning, but really all these images do is lead to intake that is not for our benefit. While every time we engage in these things we are not engaging in idolatry, when we turn to them as a means of escaping our own reality, we are putting that image above God’s process to get us where we need to go. We are feeding on fake intake! Thus we become disillusioned, impatient and lacking in peace. That is why we must limit our fake intake. We must give over any thought, picture, or image that is taking precedence over the phase we are in now.

How do you limit your fake intake?

First, analyze when and why you turn to fake intake for escape or short-term gratification. Then evaluate what occupies your thoughts. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take every thought captive.

Once we identify these thoughts and patterns, we can apply the Biblical system for changing behaviors, which is to replace the old with something new. The idealistic images, vain imaginations and reliance on the options of others may still show up occasionally, but through the sweet nutrition of concentrated prayer, a grateful heart and focus on the Word of God – we can overcome!

God has a far greater image and far greater plan than our minds can fathom. Do you allow yourself to substitute images of convenience, packaged by savvy marketing experts, filled with empty promises, to distract you from the fruitful intake of sometimes bitter difficulties. Savor the work of preparing, planting, growing, watering and cultivating real nutrition, the kind that only your Father in Heaven can give. Then you’ll not just be “filled,” you’ll be “fulfilled.”

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