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2023 Dates Coming Soon!

About The Event


There is only one you. Only you can do what you were put on this earth to do. Only YOU were born at this specific time in history, crafted by your Creator to be exactly what you were assigned to be.

Yet, there is a sea of sameness calling your name.

Never before has it been so simple (not necessarily easy) to reinvent yourself, define your gifts and articulate to others how you can be of service to them. In this inspiring and practical how-to coaching program you will learn to set and achieve your goals, live by your strengths, move forward through adversity, pain and fear and be all you are Called to be.

There are three parts to the Brand New U Mastermind & Intensive:


  Part 1 - Know Who You Are - Discover what sets you apart, redefine your identity and anaylze your greatest strengths.

  Part 2 - Know What You Offer-Expect to differentiate yourself from others without worrying about your competition, price yourself for                your market and articulate your benefits, advantages and value. 

  Part 3 - Put it in a System- Learn the steps to streamline your sales and marketing efforts by focusing on your most profit building                        activities - now! 


Go Back to School with Me. Enter Brand New “University”! The World is Waiting!

At Brand New "University" - you will learn:


Branding yourself, your business or nonprofit for maximum clarity 

  -The importance of understanding your name, your mission, your purpose and your current assignment for this season

  -How to love yourself and communicate your value

  -How to Time Block, Work your System and Bench Mark for Maximized Success

  -Strengths Finder Execution for Mulitiplying your Time and Talents

  -Daily Planning Strategies and Techniques

  -How to Package, Promote and Price your products and services

  -How to articulate the benefits of your services to others

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