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Weekly meeting with Yourself

As we prepare to start the week, I thought I would share what I am planning to do this week. A part of my Sunday is dedicated to planning my week. I highly recommend being intentional with a two-hour weekly planning appointment with yourself.

Here is my plan this week:

  1. Get in 5 workouts - I have already chosen what I am doing for each day. This is on my calendar. I often say, “If it isn’t on the calendar, it doesn’t get done.”

  2. Keep my nutrition tight - This doesn’t mean anything crazy. Basically, I am focusing on a lot of nutrient dense food, carb cycling, and intermittent fasting.

  3. Get better sleep - I’ve been getting some good sleep; however, I really want to keep focusing on getting a good night’s rest because each day I need to perform at my best, physically and mentally.

  4. Get outside and enjoy nature - today was a beautiful day to be outdoors and I hope we see more sunny skies!

  5. Reading and writing - keep my book and personal writing near me. I’ve been in a really good flow with reading and writing lately, and that’s something I am working on for my personal development.

What are your plans for the week?

Have you set some weekly goals?

What area of your life do you want to be intentional with this week?

If you haven’t already done this, take a few moments and set some goals for your week. Be intentional! Share them with me and let’s crush it this week!

And on Wednesday, do a quick check in with how you are doing and let me know right here!

Can’t wait to hear from you soon. XO, Suzanne

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