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Examine Your Environment

People possess some qualities similar to plants. Both plants and humans are living organisms that need water to live and thrive. While plants need sunlight and carbon dioxide to keep them living, humans need calories and oxygen.

Some of us are like hearty ferns and some of us are similar to delicate orchids. The environment we need for sustenance, growth, and health will be as different as our personalities, strengths, and needs as individuals and families.

No matter what type of plant we are, whether we are a fine redwood or a long-growing bamboo, we need to be planted in a setting that will provide the nourishment we need to thrive.

Do the habitats in which you dwell breed confidence in you as a person? Or do they zap your life and stunt your growth?

Do your surroundings reflect your value as an individual? Or does the ambiance where you reside, work, or live make you want to wilt and die?

Whether it is your home, your place of work, your friendship and family circles, or any other environment where you spend a lot of time, we need to identify the qualities that are most life-giving to us and literally breathe life and confidence into us.

Then we can become our best! When you've made important environmental changes, you'll be in a place where you are not only receiving life, but you are giving it too. You will be living your best, most confident, and self-assured life. And you will leave others feeling their best too.


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