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2023 Reflecting with Gratitude

As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we've embarked upon together in 2023. It is with immense gratitude and joy that we reach out to express our deepest thanks for being an integral part of what has undeniably been Brand New U’s best year ever.

Your unwavering support, trust, and collaboration have been instrumental in our shared success. We are truly privileged to work alongside people of such caliber, and we take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your continued friendship.


Brand New U 2024 accomplishments, just to name a few:

  • Jill launched her first solo best seller on Amazon

  • Assited new authors in the launching of their books and are helping many more authors launch in 2024!

  • Worked with nonprofits, corporate clients, schools and churches to help increase their impact, align their team goals and encourage their team members

  • Increased our own BNU team and we are looking to hire and grow more in 2024

  • Moved our corporate headquarters into new office space and boosted our revenue so we can help more people!

In a year filled with challenges, your resilience and commitment have fueled our collective achievements. Together, we have surpassed milestones, navigated uncertainties, and emerged stronger. Your dedication to excellence has not only contributed to our success but has also inspired us to raise the bar higher with each passing day.

As we look back on the accomplishments of the past year, we are reminded of the shared victories, the lessons learned, and the relationships forged. We cherish the moments of collaboration and the challenges overcome together. It is in these experiences that the true value of our relationship shines.

In the spirit of the holiday season and the approaching new year, we want to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous time. May the coming year bring even greater opportunities for growth, success, and fulfillment.

We’ve shared a few of our accomplishments, but now we’d love to know yours! Also, I’m especially curious… have you chosen your word or theme of the year for 2024?

Word of the Year

In 2021, after the stress of the pandemic, we began choosing a new word of the year for Brand New U. We hope these themes galvanize us together and help encourage you as we focus on common goals. You might remember some of our past themes:

  • 2021 was Begin Again.

  • In 2022 we were Unstoppable.

  • In 2023, all year we proclaimed It’s Time!  

Soon, we will be announcing our 2024 theme of the year and we can’t wait to share!

In the meantime, I would love to know your 2024 word of the year if you have it!

Please share by emailing me click here.

Thank you once again for your trust, loyalty, and partnership. We eagerly anticipate the adventures that the new year holds and look forward to continuing this journey together.


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