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2023 - It's Time!

Lately, I keep hearing the phrase, “It’s time.” Whether it’s in my circles or with my coaching clients, these two words come up repeatedly.

IT’S NOT, “The time is now.”

IT’S NOT, “Now is the time.”

IT’S NOT, “For such a time as this.”

IT’S NOT, “It’s your time.”

The phrase is simply, “IT’S TIME.”

These two powerful words symbolize the feelings of many people. It’s an expression of exasperation, perhaps exhaustion, maybe even disgust. It’s like I’m hearing people say, “No more excuses!” or “No more delays.” Discouragement must leave and belief must come!


We’re wrapping up an “UNSTOPPABLE” year. Now that you know you are unstoppable, I want you to reflect for a moment on all the obstacles that tried to stop, discourage, and delay you from saying your best YES to God and what He is asking you to do. He’s asking you to step out, step up, and step into what He’s been preparing you for, for many years.

We no longer have the excuses of COVID-19 lockdowns, our circumstances, or our insecurities. Like Jonah, it’s time for each of us to answer the call.

Did you know that our lives are like a story? And in every story, there are choices. Like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from our youth, each one of our choices defines us and shapes our futures.

We can either flee, freeze, or fight to move forward in faith. We can rest in our selfishness and indecision or step out to make the necessary sacrifices for our future goals and plans. We can stew and become stuck when we focus too long on wanting justice for the wrongs done to us. Or we can redirect and show compassion to all people as we heal during our moments of overcoming. We can move from places of pain to positions of purpose.

There is more for us than a life running from our calling. There is more than hesitation. There is more on the other side of comfort. An epic adventure awaits when you step into who you were Created to be.

What will you choose?

God is there. Through our delayed obedience, He is there. Even if you think you traveled 180 degrees in the opposite direction of God’s plan for you, He is there. Though some of us may think this is the case, most of us haven’t gone that far. Even if we have, God is still there.

The guidance and the prompting of the Holy Spirit are deep inside you. If you listen long enough and pray continually, understanding will rise to the surface. The Caller is calling!

Sometimes we think we know better than God by telling him he shouldn’t choose us! When we hear His voice and feel the unction of His calling, we may feel reluctant and ask, “Why would You choose me, God? I am no one.” Moses felt the same way.

You may have run away because of fear or doubt. Maybe you are hesitant because of the growth it will take to do the next thing He is guiding you to do. You know it requires hard work to heal and press through. Be assured, God is giving you mercy and grace to step out again.

God knows your reluctance, feel free and empowered to Tell Him!

If you’ve ever felt inadequate and said, “I just can’t do that;” know that with God all things are possible. And yes, you can!

Maybe you’ve said to yourself,

● I just can’t work at this job another day.

● I just can’t speak publicly.

● I just can’t become an executive.

● I just can’t get good grades.

● I just can’t parent these children.

● I just can’t change careers.

● I just can’t love that unlovable person.

● I just can’t build that business.

● I just can’t ask for help from others.

● I just can’t write that book.

● I just can’t get healthy.

● I just can’t give that person an encouraging word.

● I just can’t wait anymore.

● I just can’t start my own channel, website, blog, etc.

● I just can’t apologize and reconcile with that person.

● I just can’t serve these people.

● I just can’t become a starter on my team.

● I just can’t ask for a raise or promotion.

● I just can’t get that leading role or first chair.

● I just can’t start that nonprofit.

● I just can’t lead these people.

● I just can’t move to that new place.

● I just can’t change.

I just can’t.

It’s time to turn our, “I just can’t,” into, “God can.”

I pray you have a revelation of His full, amazing, and complete love this year. He gave you a Purpose, a Calling, and specific assignments to complete this season!

If you’ve been:

Hesitant – “I’ll start tomorrow,”

Reluctant – “Use someone else,”

Complacent – “Let me stay comfortable,”

Defiant – “No,”

It’s okay! But now, it’s time! No more excuses! Your Caller is calling. Stop long enough now to listen, believe, and hear what He has to say.

It is time to,

● Recognize and believe there is so much more to come!

● Be fruitful and multiply!

● Taste and see that the Lord is good!

● See God manifest all you have been praying for!

● Believe you are worthy!

● Believe good things can really happen for you!

● Believe you have the stamina to keep up the momentum from what you started in recent years.

● Believe as you move forward in peace, God will give you the courage to see your dream through!

● Believe He will do the impossible!

Welcome to 2023! It’s time. IT’S TIME. IT’S TIME!

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