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Hello December!

Good morning!

While the harvest of November seems to represent a change in seasons and sometimes with it more labor, December just seems fresh to me!

Have you stopped yet to hear the sweetest sounds, smell the rich fragrances everywhere and delight in the bright lights?

I have a proposal to make - this December - Let's become like children again!

Let's stop, notice and tune our senses to hear, smell, and see the joys of this season. These simple moments can reflect grace, joy and love as we receive them into our very spirits. Its as though the weariness and yolk of the previous 11 months lifts to reward us for a year well done!

Let's enjoy these moments and not take them lightly.

Like little children, let's allow the purity of each new day to stir us to joy. After all, the Greatest Gift born to earth is reason to celebrate!

Even in the midst of the imperfections of our adult lives, I'm praying for your childlike JOY in this season and all it means as the year ends.

Welcome December!



Let me know- what do you think about December?

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