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Purchase 10 Books and Get the Leaders Guide and Videos FREE!


Introducing the Grow With Goals Small Group Bundle—an all-in-one package designed to elevate your personal and professional development in community!


  • Leaders Guide: Your compass for guiding the group through meaningful discussions and activities. This guide empowers you to foster collaboration, inspire action, and lead with purpose.
  • 10 Books for Your Group: Everyone gets their own copy of Grow With Goals! Their personal growth guide firmly placing each participant on the path to setting and achieving goals, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies.
  • 6 Online Video Lessons: Engage and inspire your group with dynamic video lessons led by author Jill Hellwig. These lessons bring concepts to life, offering a personal touch only Jill can bring.


Why should you invest in the Grow With Goals Small Group Bundle?


  • Cost-Effective Growth: Grow With Goals Small Group Bundle is not just an investment in your future—it's a smart and cost-effective way to empower yourself and your group.

  • Community Building: Foster a sense of community and shared purpose as you and your group embark on a collective journey towards growth. The Grow With Goals Small Group Bundle is designed to strengthen connections and amplify the impact of your group's endeavors.

  • Comprehensive Learning: The combination of the Leaders Guide, 10 Books, and 6 Online Video Lessons ensures a comprehensive learning experience that caters to each individuals’ personal goals journey.


After purchasing your Grow With Goals Small Group Bundle you will receive an email with access information for your Leaders Guide digital download and 6 Online Video Lessons.  Your 10 participant books will be shipped.

Grow With Goals Small Group Bundle

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