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2024 Dates and Times Coming Soon!



About The Event

You can start 2024 with the focus, momentum and peace that you need for the entire year. In fact, you can start this year, representing a new cycle and season of your life. A season with vision for the next 5 years, 10 years and even longer.


At the conclusion of the first 40 Days of 2024 you will have more Clarity, Creativity, Connection and Productivity.


You CAN achieve your goals with peace and joy and I would love to teach you how. I have been a goals setter since I was 16 years old. I've accomplished great things in my life and been mentored by the best. Yet, I struggled to find sustaining peace and joy when I wasn't reaching my goals. Coupling the trusted and lasting goals setting tools by Zig Ziglar that I"ve used and sold for over 20 years, along with the transformational approach to contentment and long lasting peace I've only just recently mastered, this revolutionary approach to goals setting and achieving will transform your life forever. 


Here’s how it works...The value of this program is second to none!


1. JOIN ME ONLINE FOR AN INSPIRATIONAL AND INSTRUCTIONAL LIVE KICK OFF - Three hour Goals Workshop (with free Ziglar 7 Step Goals Setting workbook) 



Weekly Call – Every Tuesday morning 8 a.m. 


Each Tuesday morning we will have a business and life expert who will get your week started right. These 30-45 minute calls will be recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience.


3. DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT EMAIL AND IDEA FOR ACTION – Watch yourself move into action as never before we send daily reminders and refreshers to keep you on track.


In less than 10 minutes each day YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO:


-Become a more peaceful and productive individual

-Identify with your truest inner desires and dreams

-Outline a plan of action for achieving your goals

-Set goals using Zig Ziglar’s 7 Step Goals-Setting Process

-Connect with others who will partner with you to maximize your success

-Multiply yourself and your time for maximum effectiveness

-Have peace of mind as you rest each night and wake with joy and purpose each morning

-Release your creativity through brainstorming, community and collaboration.



Are you ready??


This is your year!!

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