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The Great Flip

“By flipping your perspective, you can flip your results.”

--Jill Hellwig

What if we did "the great flip"? Or you could call it looking at the other side of the coin.

Rather than allowing the lack in our life to occupy all of our mental space and energy, what if we focused instead on the grace given us for this moment? What if our flip involved letting go of those things we hold so tightly, releasing what little we think we have to a plan that's bigger than we could imagine?

What if we took this a step further—not only focusing on our good supply, but shifting our "scarcity mindset" to a "generosity quotient?"

While being grateful that what we have is more than enough (no scarcity), we also should focus on extending a helping hand to those in need. We choose to look for ways to be generous and to teach our children to do so. We look for opportunities to bless others. And we fully expect in this process to have our own needs met.

Do you think flipping the coin could change our lives?

My main objective is to help you to see this: when you start to feel lack, as we sometimes will, remember to be grateful and generous instead. I firmly believe that when we do this difficult process, relying on grace instead of focusing on our wants and demands, we will have more to be grateful for, and we will again become the most generous nation in the world—both in our hearts and in our pocketbooks.

Let's agree to have so much that we won't know where to give it all. It's possible and probable when we shift our belief.

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