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If your organization or business is seeking to uncover hidden opportunities, reset with innovative tactics and approaches, and pivot to increase impact, grow market share, and increase engagement into 2021, partner with Brand New U to facilitate and lead our SWOT Analysis Workshop with your team. 
Our Brand New Coaches and Consultants bring over 35 years of corporate expertise with small and large organizations leading through change, analyze the data and results, activating the plan to create empowering solutions, and ultimately accelerating the vision to merge awareness and action for the upcoming year. 
At the conclusion of this session, participants will have forward understanding for the future, sharper insight for the areas of focus, outlined next steps to advance the organization, and confidence with their roles, responsibilities, and vision of the organization.  

Topics included in this session:

•    SWOT Analysis for Critical Areas
•    Defining Success Metrics and Leadership Commitments
•    Refining and outlining infrastructure for long term growth
•    Prescribing frequency for agreed milestones for accountability

SWOT Analysis Workshop

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