Selling isn't something you do TO someone, it's something you do FOR someone. - Zig ZIglar


Learn from sales guide, Jill Hellwig, who spent over 20 years in corporate America and learned sales from the very best. A top 10 National Sales Rep for MCI, she took home top awards and flew on corporate jets.

For fourteen years, she was consistently one of Zig Ziglar's top salespeople and closed the largest account in the company's history. Yet her humble and engaging style will teach you that, if you truly care about others, you can do this too. 

There is a new generation of women poised to become natural business leaders. When a woman of purpose walks into a room, clothed in confidence, anointed with discernment and compelled with compassion, there is no force on earth that can keep her from shifting the atmosphere. You are invited to be a part of this fun and life changing day. See your life transform as a result of monetizing your goals! 

We are ALL in sales!

Sell Like a Girl Workshop

  • When: TBD


    Where: TBD


    What: Sell Like a Girl is an Interactive One Day Experience.


    In a safe, super fun, and encouraging environment, you will be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone. We want you to live more fulfilled and more free in who you are, while also achieving financial success like never before. 

  • These are the benefits you will get from this power-packed experience:

    • Learn to produce more revenue more often with the right clients and the right plan
    • Increased confidence in pitching your product, service, or business
    • Articulate the values, advantages, and benefits of your product or service
    • Rest assured that, no matter who you are, WE ARE ALL IN SALES
    • Learn to love selling and dispel the image of sales being a sneaky, slimy used car salesman
    • Capitalize on your own greatest strengths to sell in your style, with your own personality, even if you are an introvert! 


    These are some of the topics we'll cover:

    • The four secret steps to become a superstar sales person
    • How to build trust and connection with others and easily find common ground
    • How to uncover and identify the real issues and concerns of your potential clients from their point of view
    • Overcome reluctance by following Jill's simple sales confidence tips
    • Be sincere and true to yourself while also benefitting and caring for your prospects and clients
    • Ask the right questions to generate meaningful conversations and close more sales
    • Identify decision makers-Balance your work and your home life
    • Become a problem solver and not just a "ladder climber"


    You'll also learn:

    • What not to do as you sell like a girl
    • The difference between "fiery lionesses" and "fluttering butterflies"
    • How to know what to say and what to ask to move prospects into action
    • To fine-tune your elevator pitch and benefit statements so you can answer the question "What do you do?" in a purposeful and strategic way. 
    • And much more! 


    You will leave energized, equipped, and activated to take your business to the next level this year. 

Our Philosophy: 

People succeed when they combine their own strengths with a clearly established set of goals and the desire to help others.

This isn’t just our credo, it's our way of life. 

“You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar 

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